For those of you who are a fan, follower and or blog stalker, you should already know about the fun we had last Saturday in Quarryville at the Bob Bard 5K.  This amazing event, organized by some very dedicated people, was my first 5K.  I’m not a runner and therefore I don’t really seek out “running events” for fun!  I decided to participate in a way I love and I thought would help…  I played Official 5K Photographer (sounds important)!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect as “sports photography” is a different animal than I’m used to.  The closest thing to photographing a sport I get is chasing around little kids trying to catch a smile!  Armed with the basics I cranked up my shutter speed and had at it!

If you’re on Facebook and connected in any way to someone who participated in the race you may have seen a few shots floating around from me already.  I believe most of these images are not on Facebook, so enjoy!

As I said, there were quite a few amazing volunteers (they are in the yellow shirts scattered through the photos).  Here are a few shots from registration, our first official arrival (who placed in her division) and the excited over the awesome free T-Shirts early registrants got!

The participation numbers were fantastic!  I’m not totally sure what the final count was, but I know it was over 250 and I think closer to 300.  After registering and checking in, everyone just had a nice time chatting with family and friends as well as stretching and prepping for the race.

Shortly before 9:00 the announcement was made for everyone to make their way to the start line.  After some final instructions and words of motivation everyone took their mark, got set and went!

I grabbed a few shots of them racing towards me then quickly got the heck out of the way… that group in the front was stopping for no one!  They were serious!  So then I hung on the sideline and grabbed a few as they moved passed me.  I also got quite a bit of  “camera love” during that time!

Thank you all for the great smiles as you passed!  Tell me this doesn’t look like a group who is having a lot of fun?!?

Less than 20 minutes later they started crossing the finish line.  The official posted time for the 1st completion was 18:33.  Below are just a few of my favorites from the finish line.  It was great seeing the young and old both run and walk across the finish line.  I know quite a few people were proud of their accomplishment and it was a joy to capture some of those moments.

Other than running and walking there was plenty of other ways to enjoy your morning.  Several people came to cheer the participants on, some came for the food, which there was plenty of, and some came to participate in the Kid’s Fun Run, which was super cute!

Look at these little ones go!  The determination in some of their faces!  Love It!

There was also a rock wall, provided by The Army.  Overall it was a fun morning that was also very successful for Adrienne and the committee.  In total they raised over $16,000 which is being donated directly to the National Brain Tumor Society.  Well above their initial goal  of $5,000!  That is amazing and speaks volumes about the local community we live in!  I know Adrienne is overwhelmed with gratitude with the level of support she received and is already making notes on how to make next year bigger and better!

I plan to participate next year, how about you?

If you want to look through the rest of the photos, they can be found here!

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  1. Brenda Bard says:

    Amazing Jess, what a great job you did!

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